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    What Color Is Love?


       A charming book building the colorful world in which we live and love. 

                                           Praise for WHAT COLOR IS LOVE?:


“I like your book! Thank you.”

                                                                                                -Jamie (Age 3)


“WHAT COLOR IS LOVE? [This book is] imagined with poetic grace and a wonderful treasure for young readers. The vivid colors and kid-friendly text make the pages come to life. Ms. Delacroix is not only a talented artist; she has a flare for the type of poetry we can all appreciate and share with the young people we love. I highly recommend this book. It deserves to be shared in the loving circle of families.”



“My two year old wanted to read it over and over. Beautifully illustrated, WHAT COLOR IS LOVE? creates a world of color and joy. Each color builds on the previous one showing how everything fits together in harmony. … Asking the question, "What color is love?" helps to remind us to open our hearts to the possibilities. This book makes a wonderful gift.”



"I don't have kids but it's so beautiful I just want to have it hanging around my apartment."


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